About us


Who we are

Whistler Grills is a new brand from an established factory in the BBQ grill industry. We believe that quality always comes first, the difference between good and great is in the manufacturing. We use the latest laser cutting technology, which allows us to create the perfect shape for our products, our quality control is assured throughout every step of the manufacturing process. We aim to provide the best quality barbecue grills, with the most competitive prices in the market. 

We provide excellent customer service from our U.K. headquarters. 

We offer Premium quality and innovation at an affordable price, that’s our advantage.

Our history

With roots in the BBQ manufacturing industry going back to the early '90s, the company started manufacturing grills in 1993 with a small workshop and a few machines. Now with 25 years’ experience in premium BBQ gas grill manufacturing and product design, the factory has become one of the leaders in the industry and provides products and services for dozens of brands around the world. Our years of experience are not just about bringing us a 370,000 square foot factory with 400 workers, but also giving us the confidence to design and build premium BBQ grill products. 


The use of premium 304 stainless steel in both grill and island structure provides tremendous strength and durability for outdoor use. Selecting the right BBQ grill for your stylish outdoor kitchen is about more than just preparing food. It’s about the lifestyle you desire and a reflection of your taste. Let us light up your outdoor kitchen entertainment and bring you and your family endless enjoyment.

Why 304 Stainless Steel, What’s the big deal?

Not all stainless steels are alike, the fact is many stainless steel grills on the market are made with low quality 430 grade stainless steel, this steel has a high iron content which makes it less durable and is also affected by oxidation quicker. By taking a magnet with you the next time you visit your BBQ dealer it will make it easy to identify which grills are built with 430 grade ss because the magnet will stick. On the other hand, we use premium high quality 304 grade stainless steel, in our Whistler Prime 500, 400 & 300 Freestanding and Built-in Grills, we also use it in all our Built-in units, because of its high chromium content which makes it durable, highly corrosion resistant and will keep its shiny appearance over time and make it easy to clean. Because we use only high-quality materials like 304 stainless steel in our Whistler Prime Grills, they are backed by a limited LIFETIME warranty. 


ESA stands for Easy Self Assembly, that doesn’t mean your Island will assemble itself (Wouldn’t that be great?), it is however the very next best thing, you and a friend can assemble any of our great Islands with just one screwdriver. The island construction uses heavy bolts with wingnuts that you tighten by hand. The rest of the connections require the screwdriver, you and a friend can assemble your Island in under an hour, usually just about 45 minutes (How great is that?), with a little effort you can be enjoying your new BBQ the same day it arrives, that’s the ESA advantage!